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by Settling

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released September 17, 2014

Nathan - Guitar/Vocals
Brandon - Bass/Vocals
Matt - Drums
Tanner - Guitar/Vocals

Recorded by Mark Chen at VLHS.



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Settling Pasadena, California

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Track Name: Laundry
Just like the laundry basket's never empty,
The stress just keeps piling up on me
And the anxiety, it never leaves
Just creeps on me till it's crippling

It's like all the dishes that are always dirty
The essay that's due in the morning
There's always something crushing me

The laundry basket that's never empty
The stress that just keeps piling on me
There's always something crushing me
Track Name: Scars
Lay next to you, pillow under my head
You say you used to cut your wrists here in this bed
Under all of your covers I kiss all your scars,
I am your other half, now these scars are ours
Track Name: Five Years
Are you trying to hurt me?
I could tell, it's working
You've got me feeling uncomfortable
You've got me feeling cold
In 5 years I see myself in the ground
Hopefully with peace I still haven't found
I'm talking to myself again just to pass the time
I'm sick of wishing I was dead and not knowing why

Watch me as I rot here
I've been stuck so many years
I've been tangled up in my brain
Stuck here fanning flames
I've been feeling strange I can't explain
Like I gotta shake my soul awake
I know that I don't believe, please pray for me
I feel myself traveling past the point of saving

I feel so suffocated by the chronic stress and questions why
I keep on failing to fit in, so it keeps on coming from within
And perpetuates this lonely life, this never ending vicious cycle
I'm scrambling to feel full, I'm just scrambling to feel full
Track Name: Sorry(do it different)
I walk right past you, think of all the shit we've been through
And now you act like none of it ever happened
Stay up all night, think about when we were tight
When did that become a lie?

Remember Super Smash Bros?
Remember eating all those noodles?
Remember when we'd laugh till we cried
We've gone our separate ways, still see you some days
And think about how it all went wrong

And I'm sorry for what happened
You know I wish that I could do it different
Track Name: Zoloft
Running far from all I've ever loved
Lately the only thing I can think of
Life in this town makes me long for the ground
Try to leave but I just can't get out

I guess it's fate I can't escape
Where would I go anyway?
I'm doomed to this place
Just carbon waste, a waste of breath and space
Where would I go anyway?

Watch my body slowly dissipate
Worms and bones left in its former place
Happy feelings fading day by day
Finding self-defeating ways inside my brain

There's nothing you could say to make me wanna stay
There's nothing you could do right here I'm through

There's a bomb in my chest just ready to blow
And on the other side of this night I know
I'll face my greatest fear
A place I've wasted years
And on the other side of this Earth I see
What I find in my old memories
Everything I'd ever need
Oh why'd I ever leave?
Track Name: Pillar of Salt
We kissed at 3 am and never talked about it again
Since then most days I've ranged inbetween being bitter and broken
I know I'm stuck here, I'm gonna be like this for now
I know I'm stuck here, I wanna leave I don't know how

I'm glad you don't know how pathetic I am, sometimes I stay up till 7 A.M.
Looking through your pictures and letters, thinking about times that were better:
The first time we held hands, that bus ride back from San Fran
That night on that pull out couch bed; the only times I didn't wish that I was dead

Moving forward, nothing matters
I don't hate you, God I want to
Looking backward, I still miss you
I'm a pillar of salt, that'll never change

It's been weird since you packed up, left home
I'm having trouble finding anyway to cope
I do my best to try to not end each day with a rope